3 Hands, 1 Heart Valentines Craft


One of my favorite kinds of kid’s crafts are any that have to do with there little hands or feet. I love hand prints & tracings. My daughter and I have been dabbling with tracing a lot lately. She loves trying to trace her hand. It is adorable,really. She will trace hers & then say “Mama, trace hand toooo?” Absolutely, baby!
Their sweet little hands make such wonderful keepsake art. It will be such an “awwwwww” inducing memory to look back on in the future. Here is a Valentines inspired craft featuring the whole family’s hands.

What you will need:

Construction or scrapbook paper

Glue stick



Letter stencils

Tracings of your hands



Place your hands (mommy, daddy, baby) on a piece of construction paper.


Outline each hand.


Cut around the outlines of each of your hands.


Place hands in an overlapping pattern to form a heart in the middle.


Using a glue stick, glue them into position over a contrasting color.


Flip over & cut any excess to the contrast paper so that only the heart shape shows.


Glue the hands & heart to another piece of contrasting paper.


Use a stencil to trace out your saying.


Let the marker dry & glue dry.


Place your new creation in a frame.

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About The Pinterested Parent

I am loving wife to my best friend & mommy to our smarty pants little girl, who loves to learn, craft & play. I am an artist, a crafter & I am Pinterest addict. When I first started my blog it was meant to be an outlet for my Pinterest addiction. I was looking to inspire & be inspired. What it became was a wonderful journey for me & my daughter in which we chronicle our activities, crafts, lessons & a hefty slice of our life. Please join us as we navigate through this wonderful thing called motherhood.
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21 Responses to 3 Hands, 1 Heart Valentines Craft

  1. So cute and love that Mai asked you to trace her little hand for this one! πŸ™‚

  2. swood97 says:

    This is the sweetest Valentine craft I have seen. Pinned it to my Valentine Board. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Heather says:

    I’m with you, I love incorporating the hands and feet into crafts. They can be awesome keepsakes. A few years go we made my mother in law a stepping stone for her garden and cemented the handprints of both my sons on the stone. I think it will be just awesome to look back on years from now and see how small they were.

  4. kim says:

    SWEET! I really really should do this. There are 3 of us too. Thank you!

  5. So sweet. My husband would love it if I made this with the girls.

  6. Grace Hodgin says:

    You are right! This is a great keeper and grandmas would love getting this too on a visit to keep for their walls too.

  7. Dana says:

    Such a cute idea! I have two kids so picking which one to include in this project would be a little difficult. πŸ™‚

  8. Super cute. I need some ideas for the kids-thanks!

  9. bsymommonologues says:

    This is really cute! I made something similar in November with my son, but never blogged about it. I love yours. Pinned on my board of homeschooling ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Erlene says:

    This would make such a neat keepsake. Thanks for sharing. I found your post on the Pin It Party Pinterest Linkup.

  11. katbiggie says:

    I LOVE this! I can see this being a great Mother’s Day present too! Stopping by from LOBS.

  12. What a fab idea! Thanks for sharing on #LOBS! ~A~

  13. kids are so adorable when they do projects, my kids are all grown up and i have cherish everything they did, its all hung up in my house Have fun with them
    thanks Maria

  14. What a cute idea! I’ve seen the hearts made with two hands, but I love the three! I’m featuring this tonight at my link party and pinning!

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