My Best Dream Ever Was…The One Where I Got To Talk To My Mother Again.


After my mother died, I would dream about her often. In my dreams she was always alive. Sometimes, I would think it was odd that she was there and sometimes it was as if she had never gone. There was never anything truly extraordinary about most of these dreams. They usually dealt with the regular and the mundane. We would sometimes fight over laundry or be at one of my sister’s cheerleading meets. I would wake up after dreams that we fought in feeling hollow and sad. Why would I spend those moments with my mother arguing? Why didn’t I understand that it was special that she was there? Dreams are odd that way. You have no control over them. I wish I could script them before I fell asleep. They would have a far sweeter end.

One evening a few years ago, I had a dream or sometimes I wonder if it was something else entirely. In my dream, the phone rang. I picked up the phone to say hello and it was my mother. She started her conversation with me as she had so many in the past; just jumping directly in topic without even saying hello or asking what I was doing. I don’t recall what it was that she was saying to me, all I knew was this time it felt real. This time I knew that she should not be on the other end of the phone. “Mommy?” At 30, the age that I was when she died, I still called my mother mommy. Her voice softened, “Yes Baby.” She still called me her baby. “You died”, I cried. She knew. I spoke to my mother on that phone that evening and told her how much I missed her and loved her. It was the first dream that I had of her where I knew that I needed to seize every moment with her. I wish it had not been just a phone call. I wish that I could have given her just one hug or one kiss, but to hear her voice and to know that a miracle was happening, if only in my dream was amazing to me. The specifics of that dream have gotten hazy but I can still remember the feeling. I woke that morning with a smile and also some tears. I hope that we can speak soon. See you in my dreams again, mama.

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12 Responses to My Best Dream Ever Was…The One Where I Got To Talk To My Mother Again.

  1. Your dream seriously had me tearing up and also getting goosebumps. I will say as you know from reading my post that my dream about my grandfather was so similar to this, except that he was there in person and not on the phone. And I knew he was gone and told him that, as well, but it was the nicest feeling knowing that he was safe and ok and only just to get that precious few minutes time to spend with him. Beautiful dream and yes again as you know I can relate. And by the way, the Vlog was optional and did not by any means have to Vlog this, but just so glad you joined us 🙂

  2. findingninee says:

    What a wonderful dream to have been able to speak to your mom again. I love that you knew that you needed to seize the moment, even while asleep. I hope you have another like that soon!

  3. What a lovely dream. I lost my father last year. But still have my mom with us. She moved to my little town last October. Thanks for the reminder to cherish the times I’m with her.

  4. what a sweet dream! I dreamed about my mom a month after she passed away & I felt like it was me saying goodbye properly. I can relate.

  5. I had a dream once that made me feel exactly like that. And to this day I feel it may not have been just a dream. And it’s so strange that it also started with a phone call. My uncle had come to visit, and my parents were letting me know that he was at our house and that I should drive back from college to see him. I started crying instantly. I was happy, scared and confused. I drove back and walked up to my room, where he was waiting for me. We bot started to cry when I walked in. We talked about life. We talked about his kids. He reassured me they would be fine. It was so real that even now, many years later, I still remember every detail of that dream.

    Thanks for sharing. Even though I have tears in my eyes, I really enjoyed reading that.

  6. Kerith Stull says:

    What a precious dream! I’ve had several about talking to my mother-in-law who passed suddenly in 2001. They have all felt so very “real” — almost like a visit from the other side. Thanks for sharing your dream! (Visiting from FFTS and thank for the link here to my post!)

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