Footprint Easter Bunny Craft

IMG_20140309_093916566I just never get sick of my daughter’s cute little piggies. There is just something so cute about baby feet. With time racing by, she is quickly becoming less of a baby & more of a little girl. Mommy needs to preserve all these baby moments while I can. With Easter nearing, I thought it time for our first Easter craft.

What you will need:

Poster board

Plain white paper


Paint brush


Cotton Balls


Paper plate



Spread paint on a paper plate.


Dip your child’s feet in the paint.


Press the paint covered foot on a piece of paper. Repeat with the other foot & let dry. Cut out the feet prints.


Sketch out your bunny around the baby’s feet, using the feet as bunny feet


Draw some egg shapes on a piece of paper & have your child paint on it.


Cut out the eggs & set aside.


Glue the eggs to the chest where the hands would be holding them.


Cut out two oval shapes as hands & glue them down over the eggs to make it appear as if they are holding them. Draw lines on the paws.


Paint/color your bunny’s ears, eyes, nose & tummy. Outline the mouth & whiskers.



Squeeze glue on to the parts that you want fluffy, like the bunny ears.


Spread cotton balls out across the glue.


My daughter loves gluing. This is a part that you can do together.



We chose to cut our bunny shape out & hang it on the refrigerator with magnets.


We also made a smaller one with floppy ears. This looks a little more like a floppy earred dog than a bunny, but I still think it came out pretty cute.

My daughter got a real kick out of making the paint foot prints. We made several set of foot prints because she thought it was so funny. We hung our craft on the refrigerator. Before bed this evening Mai ran up to it & said “Goodnight Bunny”. She is so cute.

About The Pinterested Parent

I am loving wife to my best friend & mommy to our smarty pants little girl, who loves to learn, craft & play. I am an artist, a crafter & I am Pinterest addict. When I first started my blog it was meant to be an outlet for my Pinterest addiction. I was looking to inspire & be inspired. What it became was a wonderful journey for me & my daughter in which we chronicle our activities, crafts, lessons & a hefty slice of our life. Please join us as we navigate through this wonderful thing called motherhood.
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16 Responses to Footprint Easter Bunny Craft

  1. Totally adorable and going to show to Kevin for our girls. Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  2. simon682 says:

    I might have a go at this. My children have grown and flown. May have to use the cat or the dog for the footprints. Nice post.

  3. Lyn says:

    I wanted to stop by and thank you for coming over to The Cedar Seasons and following!

    I also adore this little kid craft, I will definitely have to do this with my son.

    Also, if you were still interested in maybe doing some type of collaboration, I would be happy to do so. My current theme is Easter, so anything Easter Themed would be great. Just let me know!

    Thanks again and I will be stopping by often to pick up on some more of your creative ideas!

  4. Allison says:

    I absolutely love this! Foot prints are so much fun.

  5. This is so cute! One to treasure for the future…
    Thanks for sharing at #Pintorials πŸ™‚

  6. so cute, love the footprint idea! What a cute keepsake!

  7. Such an adorable craft. This would work really well for my 19 month old.

  8. Such a cutie! This is sooo precious. I love projects using a hand or foot print. These beautiful pics make me miss this fun age so much.

  9. That is so cute! I love everything I have with my kids’ little foot and hand prints on it.

  10. So adorable and just in time for Easter πŸ™‚

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