Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets

Paperplatebowleasterbonnets.jpgOnce a month at work, we have a pizza party to celebrate all the company birthdays for the month. They bring in a variety of different flavored party pizzas, salad and cakes & cookies. I love this about my job. On this same day, there is always a theme. This past week the theme was crazy hats. I have a large floppy sun hat that I wanted to dress up a bit to give it a little more of a Derby look. I asked my mother-in-law if she had any old ribbon that I could borrow to jazz up my hat. Did she ever? She brought me over two full bags of ribbon. I not only found exactly what I was looking for, I found an inspiration. With all of the beautiful pastel lace ribbon & with the day of the hats, it brought to mind Easter bonnets. As a child I always wore an Easter bonnet on Easter. I love hats, always have & now my daughter is following in my footsteps. Tonight’s fun mommy & daughter project…yup, you guessed it, it is Easter bonnets.

What you will need:

Paper plates

Paper bowls

Water colors


Plastic flowers or other embellishments

Elmer’s glue


Paint your bowl using a color of your choice

Paint your bowl using a color of your choice



With a pair of scissors cut out the inside of the paper plate.


Paint your plate & let the bowl & plate dry


Place the painted bowl over a stack of extra bowls


Using glue, glue the paper plate to the bowl by putting the plate over the bowl as shown. Place another stack of bowls over the top to aid in keeping the pieces together as they dry.


Pick a ribbon to use for your hat.


Glue a piece of ribbon around the hat


Choose some embellishments


Glue your embellishments to your hat


Let your hats dry & then it is dress up time.

This is a cute, fun & easy craft that you can do with your child. If your kid likes hats as much as mine does, they will love it.

About The Pinterested Parent

I am loving wife to my best friend & mommy to our smarty pants little girl, who loves to learn, craft & play. I am an artist, a crafter & I am Pinterest addict. When I first started my blog it was meant to be an outlet for my Pinterest addiction. I was looking to inspire & be inspired. What it became was a wonderful journey for me & my daughter in which we chronicle our activities, crafts, lessons & a hefty slice of our life. Please join us as we navigate through this wonderful thing called motherhood.
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12 Responses to Paper Bowl & Plate Easter Bonnets

  1. Winding road says:

    those are adorable! I am going to give this a try with my kids. thanks!

  2. Aww, love that picture of Mai at the end. So cute and looks like an easy enough craft to maybe try with my girls soon, too. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. art3g says:

    These would be great to hang on the wall for Easter decorations too. They might be something our Continuing Care Residents might like to try.

  4. How Fun! My girls will love making these

  5. craftsonsea says:

    Your work sounds great and your hats look fab too 🙂 Thanks for linking with Tuesday a Tutorials #pintorials

  6. Teri Parsons says:

    Love the ideas

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