Embrace The Positve

IMG_3032A friend of mine from work used to always tell me that once you hit 40 it all goes downhill. It was a funny thing because she told me this days before my 39th birthday. The day after turning 39, I landed myself in the hospital with my first attack of pancreatitis. We laughed about it & joked that I guess I wanted to get a head start. This past birthday I actually did hit the big 40 & for my birthday, I got a surprise party from my husband, a few more gray hairs & another stint in the hospital with another round of pancreatitis. Birthdays have not been kind to me.


It has been a rough week & a half. The poor diet choices I have made as of lately have finally bit me in the butt & I am back to being on a strict fat restricted diet. Bye Bye cheese cake, farewell peanut butter, ta ta prime rib & I will miss you my old friend beer.

I have been extremely irritable these past couple of weeks with the symptoms leading up to my hospitalization & the hunger since I returned home. To make matters worse with as little as I have been able to eat, I thought the one bonus at least would be that I would lose a few pounds. I gained 2 pounds instead. I have been whiney, sore, tired, hungry & just plain feeling sorry for myself. I haven’t wanted to do much of anything.

Yesterday we went to a birthday party for a dear friend’s daughter. She was turning 8. I watched as everyone indulged on pulled pork & birthday cake. I jealously made a plate of food for my husband & daughter realizing that there was nothing that I could eat. My girlfriend’s husband noticing that I wasn’t eating offered to make me a low fat fish burger. I felt terrible that he was going out of his way for me, but as he was insistent, I gladly accepted. As we stood at the grill, he asked me how it was that I was feeling, I whined on with my woe-is-me story of belly pain & low fat food, I then looked at my friend’s husband & realized that my complaint was ridiculous. You see my friend’s husband has cancer. He has been battling a rare form of it for 6 years now, but if you did not know him you would probably never know it, because unlike me complaining about my ailments, he does not complain. He remains amazingly optimistic in the face of an uncertain future. Whenever I encounter a miserable person in my travels that just seems to hate everything that life has to offer, I usually think about Alex. He has every reason to be mad at the world, but is not. His positive spirit is amazing & even contagious. As I realized this, I told him I had no right to bitch with all he has gone through. He just smiled as he always does and made me my burger. (Which was delicious by the way) Having to give up junk food does not seem quite like such a big deal anymore.

For the rest of the party, I stopped worrying about the cupcakes & just put my focus to what was the most important, the people I was there with.





About The Pinterested Parent

I am loving wife to my best friend & mommy to our smarty pants little girl, who loves to learn, craft & play. I am an artist, a crafter & I am Pinterest addict. When I first started my blog it was meant to be an outlet for my Pinterest addiction. I was looking to inspire & be inspired. What it became was a wonderful journey for me & my daughter in which we chronicle our activities, crafts, lessons & a hefty slice of our life. Please join us as we navigate through this wonderful thing called motherhood.
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4 Responses to Embrace The Positve

  1. Aww, so sorry you have not being feeling well and a husband’s friend I worked with had pancreatitis and I know how limiting the diet can be from him. I think your choice by the end was perfect and I know I have a tendency to dwell on the negative at times myself even though things could be a whole lot worse, so don’t be too hard on yourself here. And hoping you are indeed feeling better now and sending some hugs your way.

    • Thank you, Janine. I am feeling better and am back to work. Here is hoping it is my last episode. Things could definitely be worse. Life on the whole is good. You have to enjoy what you have when you have it.

  2. LWilkie says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. Every person has their own issues to deal with, and although it is good to keep things in perspective – it could be so much worse – you still deserve to morn a bit for the change your restricted diet will bring. Got to tell you though, as someone who got cancer at 43, your 40s are nothing to fear. Yes your body starts to fail in little ways, but the rest of the experience is so worth it. I wouldn’t go back to 39 or younger for anything.

    • I don’t know if it is that I fear my 40s. I just don’t like the getting old part. LOL. How are you feeling now? Are you cancer free, I hope. What a horrible disease. I hope all is better with you and that do frequent follow ups.

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