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Telling It Like It Is

You know how you have that friend that is always brutally honest with you when you need it. She tells you if you look fat in your new jeans. She will call you out if you were the one who was … Continue reading

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Toddler Science Made Easy

I must have lived a very sheltered childhood because there are so many things that I never did as a child. Having a child of my own, I have been introduced to so many things that I missed out on when … Continue reading

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7 Fun Cleaning Day Activities For Kids

When you have a toddler, cleaning your home is not always the easiest thing to do. Having an only child, I am in charge of my daughter’s entertainment, so when I am busy, she wants my attention. Today our house … Continue reading

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Paint Scrape Art

One of my favorite things about my daughter is her creativity & her imagination. I love her ability to think outside of the box. Give her a box of random odds & ends and she can turn it into hours of … Continue reading

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Do You Kiss Your Child On The Lips?

There was a lot of controversy this week regarding a photo that was released of Bill Belichick kissing his grown daughter on the lips after the Superbowl. I saw all of the jokes on social media & the jabs at him … Continue reading

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